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South America romantic getaways and honeymoon vacations are among our specialties here at JourneYou! Whether you love nature and wildlife or go crazy for culture and history, we have something you´re sure to love!

Romantic getaways in South America can include Chilean wine country tours, Buenos Aires dance courses and Galapagos Island and Easter Island cruises. You can even renew your wedding vows in traditional Incan style, with offerings given to the protective mountain spirits called Apus and the mother earth, called Pacha Mama.

Whether it´s a honeymoon, anniversary trip or just a romantic getaway in South America, JourneYou has something for everyone in Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, and Ecuador!

Do you have a country in mind?

All about Wine in Chilean Central Valley

All about Wine in Chilean Central Valley

5 days 0.0 from $960

Maipo Valley, Colchagua Valley and Casablanca Valley

View tour
Romance in Buenos Aires

Romance in Buenos Aires

6 days 0.0 from $2,150

Buenos Aires

View tour
Wine Tour Argentina

Wine Tour Argentina

4 days 0.0 from $990


View tour
Luxury & Romantic Peru Vacation

Luxury & Romantic Peru Vacation

12 days 0.0 from $5,000

Lima, Cusco, Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu

View tour

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