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Easter island Tours

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Easter Island tours will take you through the UNESCO World Heritage Site, with its famous Moai statues. Easter Island tourist attractions are many, including incredible caves, pink sand beaches, grasslands and diving sites.

Also called Rapa Nui, Easter Island vacations will take you to the largest uninhabited island in the world. Ride on horseback, dive the underwater caverns or walk through the Moai statues --- the giant heads of Easter Island.

Holidays and trips to Easter Island are certain to complete your Chile vacation! JourneYou has all the info you need to pick the perfect tours of Easter Island and beyond.

Santiago & Easter Island

Santiago & Easter Island

7 days 0.0 from $1,699

Santiago de Chile, Easter Islands

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Hotel Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa

Hotel Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa

4 days 0.0 from $1,299

Anakena Beach, Orongo and Ahu Akivi

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