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Tours to Cuenca, Ecuador are a must-include item on your South America travel itinerary, as this city --- the capital of Azuay Province --- is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with a rich history and many pre-Columbia archaeological sites.

Things to do in Cuenca, Ecuador include touring the Cave of Chopsi and Canari settlements, and visiting the nearby River Tomebamba and Parque Nacional Cajas. This city is situated in the Ecuador highlands and Andean Valley, south of Quito and east of Guayaquil.

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Ecuador, Overland Adventure

Ecuador, Overland Adventure

8 days 0.0 from $1,748

Quito, Northern highlands & markets, Volcanoes Avenue, Patate Valley, Ingapirca Complex, Cuenca & Guayaquil

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Cuenca: A gem in the Southern Andes

Cuenca: A gem in the Southern Andes

4 days 0.0 from $728

Cuenca historic Center, Artisan Centers: Toquilla Straw hat atelier, jewelry artisans Ingapirca Ruins

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