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Ecuador Amazon tours and travel packages will take you into the world´s largest tropical rainforest, which features incredible biodiversity and beauty. Over 40% of Ecuador is covered by the rainforest. Situated on the flanks of the Andes Mountains, Ecuador Amazon tours will take you through the same routes first trekked by Spanish Conquerors and explorers.

They didn´t find the lost city of El Dorado, but they did discover the incredible natural beauty and the Amazon River. Tours of the Amazon Rainforest are often included in travel packages for Ecuador eco-lodges.

JourneYou has all the resources you need to plan a South America travel adventure to Ecuador. Amazon tours are the perfect vacation idea for nature and adventure lovers alike!

5 days 0.0 from $ 1194

Yasuni National Park region. Primary Forest

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4 days 0.0 from $ 956

Yasuni National Park region. Primary Forest

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