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Most incredible service and trip EVER!

Koricancha gardens
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It's been a few years since I took my trip to Peru via Journeyou, but figured, better late than never to write a review! Prior to my trip there were barely any reviews or testimonials and was hesitant to use Journeyou, but decided to take plunge - crossed my fingers and hoped for the best.
I had customized my trip to include Nazca, Paracas, the Ballestas Islands, and Ica on top of the regular trip of Lima/Cusco/Macchu Pichu/Jungle(Puerto Maldonado). The entire trip was just a little over two weeks. I couldn't have been happier with incredible service provided by Journeyou. I spent many hours researching other companies which provided tour guide services, and this seemed to be the best deal. During the trip, they took care of EVERYTHING! All I needed was to book my flight into & out of Lima, and they took care of the rest. Every visit - tour guide picks you up from transportation depot (airport/bus station/etc.), brings you to your hotel, picks you up from hotel to provide you with tours, brings you back to hotel/transportation depot. I even had a situation with my passport mid-trip and had to cancel a couple days of travel, but at no extra cost they let me make changes to in itinerary and continue my trip once my passport issues were resolved. I highly recommend this company to anyone. It's very rare to find TRULY accommodating and consistent service these days, and without a doubt I cannot rate Journeyou with anything less than 5 stars. I'm glad to see many good reviews on them now, and will hands-down use them again for my trip to Peru. Without the beautiful experience they provided, I may not have an urge to return to Peru again; however, thanks to them, Peru is most certainly back on my bucket list of places to travel.