Puerto Ayora, Ecuador

Puerto Ayora, Ecuador

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Puerto Ayora Ecuador

Puerto Ayora is the main city / port of Santa Cruz, the largest inhabited island in the Galapagos. This small city has several attractions and interesting sites for visitors, here you can observe wildlife, or relax on its beautiful beach. In addition, Puerto Ayora has excellent restaurants, boutiques and a beachfront promenade with excellent views to enjoy. Some of the places that you cannot miss if you are lucky enough to visit Puerto Ayora are, Playa Tortuga Bay, on this beautiful beach you can snorkel, kayak, see marsh turtles, reef sharks and some beautiful seabirds. There is also the Pozo las Grietas, this is a natural swimming hole where fresh water and salt water mix in three sections. The fish market of the Port is also very important, here you will see hungry customers, including pelicans and sea lions. Other highlights are the Charles Darwin scientific station and the excursion through the Sierra de Santa Cruz. Don't leave without enjoying the tasty dishes offered by many of the restaurants throughout the city, especially those next to the pier.
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Seymour (GPS)
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